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Social Justice Centre

Social Justice Centres are opened under the leadership of National Social Justice Centers Working Group the 17th Social Justice centre was inaugurated on 21st February 2020. We would like to emphasise that a social justice centre is not just a building. Rather, it is a space, an idea, a movement and indeed a project of building a new Kenya. We are encouraged that social justice centres have become home to a movement that is growing day by day. This movement has been and continue to be central to rooting human rights in communities. However, we are very happy that the social justice centres are going beyond the human rights language. As a concept and practice, “social justice” has become just as prominent as “human rights.” But what does social justice mean? It’s essentially a concept of fairness within a society. That applies to fairness in wealth, opportunities, basic needs, and more. At Malaika Foundation, our drive is to expand opportunities and develop the capabilities of ordinary citizens. This approach is about social justice.

Malaika Academy

Malaika Foundation is a knowledgebased institution. Our work starts from the latent knowledge of the citizens.This means that we seek to learn and ground our work based on the path of success that has been developed by the actor over time. We then create a forum for interaction between these latent knowledge and our participatory inquiry models. We have developed over the years various curriculums and systems for these internal learning. But even more significant, this approach has enabled Malaika Foundation to be lead actor in evidence-based advocacy. Such advocacy are about both change in practice as well as legal and public policies. Cumulatively, the Malaika Foundation has used this knowledge to develop specialized training modules on human security, child rights, deepening devolution and access to Justice. We do these training in our own motion as well as in partnership with various universities such as the Tangaza University College, public institutions such as the Judiciary Training Institute, and Kenya School of Government.
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